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Jamila Multimedia

The 1997 NCAA National Semifinal, Stanford v. ODU (2.84 MB Quicktime)

From 1997, Jamila fakes left, and drives the lane for an easy 2 (536 KB avi)

From 1997, going the distance of the court, Jamila pauses at the top of the key and goes untouched to the hoop (762 KB avi)

Eugenia Rycraw is rejected, but she holds on and dishes to Jamila for an easy lasyup in the Sparks 87-66 win over the Rockers on 7/12. (735 KB avi).

Jamila pretty much wastes Chantel Tremitiere in the Sparks 73-65 win over the Starzz on 8/1. (688 KB avi).