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Jamila's Looks and Moves



Jamila rejects Virginia's Tora Suber in the Cardinal's 91-69 win in the '97 NCAA West Regional Semifinals. (500 KB Quicktime).

A WNBA clip of Jamila speaking over some Stanford highlights about what she hopes to accomplish in the WNBA. (669 KB Quicktime).

Another WNBA clip of Jamila speaking over some Sparks practice session footage of herself about the opportunities of women in basketball. (731 KB Quicktime).

Part 1 of a halftime report on Jamila. The entire report is about 2:18 long and divided in to 4 parts. (3.1 MB MPG)

Part 2 (1 MB MPG) Part 3 (1.2 MB MPG) Part 4 (1 MB MPG)

All images and video contributed by Steven Yap