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More Links

Basketball links...

Maria's Homepage- Maria has contributed some items to P10 and she has a fun homepage here with a chatroom.

Peeps Republic- This hip-hop culture site has a cool page on Jamila and her muscial interests. A funny word assosciation with Jam is included.

Just Sports for Women- Covers all women's sports, but the WNBA exceptionally well.

National Basketball Association- The WNBA's really, really, really, big brother.

My town...

The San Diego Padres- 1998 National League Champions. And we could have won the World Series if it hadn't been rigged by the mob.

San Diego Zoo- It's all happening...Informative site of the world famous home of prominent late night guest Joan Embry.

San Diego State University- This is where I sit and learn next to nothing much of the day, if you care.

Nordstrom- This is where I sit and do next to nothing, but get paid, much of the day, if you care.

91X- Our only alternative station. Forget Seattle. Stone Temple Pilots, Jewel, Sprung Monkey, Lucy's Fur Coat, Blink 182, and Rocket from the Crypt all formed here. Eddie Vedder met Beth at SDSU and Scott Weiland has done more smack here than anywhere else.

Other links that I often look at...

Addicted to Noise- Print or online, this is the best music magazine there is.

The Internet Movie Database- You may even find your old home movies in here. It is THAT big!

The Washington Post- I'm a political junkie, and our hometown paper sucks. So I check out the online edition of America's most influential publication.