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Perfect 10


Welcome to Perfect 10's new chat room. A few technical notes on use. You only need a user name at the login screen. Disregard everything else, unless you want a membership. There are certain member names that the system will not allow. Generally these are names having to do with the site administrators like me. Example, I'm "p10rob". It will not let you use anything like "p10" or "rob" or "perfect 10", etc. It will ask for a password on the chat screen in those instances. I would advise choosing a chat name and sticking to it. One other thing. I can ban people from the room. I probably won't, but if someone reports anyone as being abusive, I'm not gonna let it slide. There is no real topic. Keep in mind that this is a page about Jamila, your page about Jamila, the WNBA, the Rockers, etc. Crazy off topic stuff might annoy other members. Thanks for visiting. Rob.


Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you will not be able to chat.