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Articles, Interviews & Transcripts

My Daughter, The Point Guard

NY Times feature by Jamila's father, the author John Edgar Wideman.

Out of the Shadows

Excellent, very long, Sports Illustrated cover article. The pics from this article are available on the pics page and can be linked to within the article.

By Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated

From Her Tiny Beginning, She Has Come a Long Way

Good, long story about the medical problems Jamila faced at birth.

By Earl Gustkey, The Los Angeles Times

Stanford's Wideman Signs with the WNBA

ESPN-Sportszone blurb on Jamila's offical entry into the WNBA.


Spoon 'n Jam

Just Sports for Women stories about Jamila and Teresa Weatherspoon. By Robin Davidson, the former Sports Editor of the Stanford Daily who wrote the article that accompanies the interesting homework assignment in the next link.

From Just Sports for Women

Jamila 101

Article in the Stanford Daily for which students in a University course are asked to comment on whether Jamila is a true role model or an athletic novelty because of her gender.

Article by Robin Davidson, The Stanford Daily

Hoopin' with Jamila

WNBA feature on Jamila's Nike program to encourage young women in basketball and education.


Transcript from Hoopin' Segment

Short transcript from a TV segment about Hoopin' with Jamila. Contributed by Bill Lomica.